Claire Jedrek Racecar Driver SG1

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“Work hard 
and play harder.”

A. Tell us about your grind - what do you do?

I’m a touring production race driver and on top of that my life is action packed with a mix of running a karting facility, travelling during racing season, handling sponsors, admin on my husband's racing team, then I fly off separately and am a presenter for racing, plus I emcee and host for local events and media... and I almost forgot, I have two kids under 2!  

B. How would you describe your life's pace and energy?

There is no time for procrastinating, I’m always on the move, but I make sure I get on the brakes when I need it.


We definitely work hard and play harder. I love my HIIT gym sessions, off-road mountain biking, road cycling and running... I’m getting better at slowing down. 


C. What is your morning ritual?

I’m up before sunrise, I either road cycle or take a half hour for a coffee to myself, I take time out for some reflection and journaling. That time to myself sets the tone for the rest of the day. Recently I’ve tried to reinforce new rituals like not looking at my mobile until I’ve finished my coffee and journaling . Boundaries are necessary!

D. What makes you want to get up early, stay up late, or keep working at something until it's perfect?

I enjoy hustling, I can’t imagine life not trying to create something, being productive. I make sure I try sleep earlier, so I’m fresh for a new set of challenges. 

I imagine if I was 80, looking back at my life and how would I have liked my life to be lived. I’ve got to say - now kids are part of the picture, my values have changed on why I do certain things, and I hope one day I can be a good role model for my kids.

E. When do you feel the most accomplished at what you do?

When I see complex parts of our different lives collide; when who I am, what I do, what I believe in, people I interact with, and where I give my energy to, come into a flow state, a term I learnt recently. It feels like the wheels are greased and I’m cruising. It’s more of a sense of a state of mind and body accomplishment. 

F. How would you define 'success'?

Success varies for me, if I can get a laugh out of someone,  if I can sit on the couch at the end of the day, work complete and I have time to spare with my kids with no technology and not having to look at the time. 

Success for me has changed so much these last few years. Making time for myself is success.

G. How does how you look and feel affect your work?

A lot, not just because it’s a work requirement, but I 100% believe in a clean slate. A shower, washing makeup off, waking up and preparing myself, my hair, skin, and wearing something other than what I wore to sleep.


Washing is almost like a ritual of cleansing your day away and starting over.

H. What’s your greatest motivation?

My husband, my family and my kids. 

My want to optimise my thoughts, life, and relationships. I don’t want to stop learning, listening and loving. Those closest around me have taught me about the purity of putting one's ego away to get to a higher state of flow.

I. What's your advice for the other Doers out there?

Let go easy, forgive yourself fast, and let go of ego to keeping moving forward in life. 




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