• Doers of London was founded in 2019 by self-made men. We are entrepreneurs who through our collective experience in formulating and distributing some of the highest quality products available, spotted a white-space in the impossibly cluttered and complicated market. Premium price tags do not always mean high-quality, clean ingredients, and natural products don't always perform how you need them to.

    What was missing was a brand that would speak to us. People who see beyond the bells and whistles, and judge something by its substance.

  • We wanted products that work as hard as we do. We wanted simple routines. We wanted products that do more, not less. We wanted premium products from natural ingredients. We wanted products you need less the more you use them. So we made them. The result is a range of focused products delivering premium performance and quality ingredients at a price you can maintain.

    These are products that keep their word, delivering on every promise that they make. Giving you the confidence and the time to focus on what’s truly important. As we grow, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve all elements of our formulation, production, and distribution. We do not remain static, and because we produce in smaller batches, we actively update existing products and packaging, with an unwavering focus on implementing better ways to minimise our impact on the planet. 

    We develop our formulations using only natural ingredients with traceable origins, green biotechnology and green chemistry. All Doers of London formulations have no parabens, no PEGs, no SLS, no SLES, no silicones, no mineral oils, no glycols, no TEA, no DEA, no synthetic fragrances or synthetic colours. All our products are dermatologically tested to reduce the risk of potential skin irritations . Every production batch is tested to contain a percentage of nickel lower than 0.00001%. All our products are approved as cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny Program and approved as vegan by the Vegan Society. 

    To reduce use and waste, we are committed to improve our practices, by substituting plastic where possible with glass and aluminium, when not possible or when it would increase the overall carbon footprint, implementing recyclable plastic derived from post-consumer recycled material. We are also committed to minimising secondary packaging where possible, when not possible to use only FSC certified paper. It is important for us to set an example, and to be honest with our customers about the things that matter the most to them. We are open and committed to transparency, and we are proud to disclose information about our processes, ingredients and packaging, as standard practices for an ethical brand.