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“You have to enjoy the process to create good work.”

A. Tell us about your grind - what do you do/make/create?

I paint large-scale street and mural work, adapting characters born from black and white ink doodles into increasingly complex and colourful compositions. I have completed walls and commissions in London, Sydney, New York, and Barbados so far. I recently started in a new art studio, with the plan to start creating canvas work in the near future.

B. How would you describe working life in London?

I've always loved the energy of a big city. You’re surrounded by ambitious people working hard and that forces you to up your game. 

I moved to East London 10 years ago, as did many of my friends. Over the years I’ve watched so many of them start their own businesses and progress with their creative ventures. This gave me a real desire to take my art seriously and start to push myself after years of lacking the courage to do so. So many people are doing their own niche thing here and making it work, something I think is only possible in a handful of cities.

James Chuter Street Artist Mural work Doers of London

C. What is your morning ritual?

I try to run in my local park if the weather allows. Come home, make breakfast and complete any tasks I have such as emails, bills, invoices etc. that are easy to put off or procrastinate on. Once all this is done I put on a podcast and try to be creative!

D. What element of your work makes you want to get up early, or put in the extra time until it's perfect?

I work best with a brief and a deadline! My favourite part of a project is after the 'blank sheet of paper' at the beginning when the idea is starting to take shape. Once this happens I can work for hours and hours without realising. It's just the start that I can struggle with.

James Chuter Street Artist painting Doers of London

E. When do you feel the most accomplished?

After the completion of a large project. Especially when it was a challenge to my existing skillset and turns out better than I envisioned! I had three projects this year that took between 8-14 days to paint. Finishing those definitely gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

F. How would you define 'success'?


James Chuter Street Artist Graffiti Doers of London

G. What's your greatest motivation?

At the moment my fiancee. I love her to bits and want to do all I can for our future together.

H. What's your advice for all the other Doers out there?

I think it's important to have fun with your craft, whatever it is. You have to enjoy the process to create good work. Ask yourself if you're having fun, and if not, figure out how to change it!

James Chuter Street Artist signing Doers of London

Check out more of Jame's work at www.chootsart.com

and see new pieces as they happen on instagram