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“Be passionate about what you do, and the rest will follow.”

A. Tell us about your grind - what do you do/make/create?

I am a diamond mounter who hand-makes beautiful jewellery, traditionally made with contemporary twists.

B. How would you describe working life in London?

Fast-paced, with a lot of opportunities.

making jewellery spark karl karter

C. What is your morning ritual?

Shower, coffee and spending time with my son before work.

D. What element of your work makes you want to put in the extra time until it's perfect?

It's great seeing the end result - but for me, the process of hand-making jewelry is the best part.

making jewellery golden ring flame

E. When do you feel the most accomplished?

When I see happy customers with their finished pieces.

F. How would you define 'success'?

Being happy, and being time rich.

Karl Karter making jewellery

G. What's your greatest motivation?

My son.

H. What's your advice for all the other Doers out there?

Be passionate about what you do, and the rest will follow.

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Check out more of Karl's work at karlkarter.com

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